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Fuses for Semiconductor Protection

North American and European Standard Type SQB
Sizes 1, 2, 3 and 4

SIBA square body fuses type SQB are available in four different body sizes. Each size is available in various mounting styles for global applications. Variety in body sizes, mounting style and amp ratings allow maximum flexibility in equipment design.

SIBA SQB fuses provide superior engineering for the protection of today’s power semiconductors. The silicated process, together with special shape and form of the pure silver melting elements, give excellent results of low I2t-values and high interrupting ratings. They are also the most reliable under high cyclic loading conditions.

All fuses can be fitted with microswitches.

Approvals: Recognition
Standards: DC 250 V – DC 500 V
DIN 43653
DIN VDE 0636-40
IEC 60269-4
UL 248-13
Class: aR
Voltage ratings: AC700 V /AC1300 V
Current ratings: 50 to 3000 A
Sizes: 1, 2, 3 and 4
Tested at: acc. IEC - 1.1 x Un
acc. UL - 1.0 x Un

Features / Benefits

● High interrupting rating 200 kA

● Very low I2t-values

● Voltage ratings AC 690/700 V and AC 1250/1300 V

● Satisfies for North American and European standard

● Reliable also at high cyclic loading

● Fuse-bases and accessories are available





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